Participatory Budgeting Event

An exciting opportunity for Cheylesmore and its residents, there is going to be a Participatory Budgeting Event held on July 18th  at Christ Church, this will enable local groups and residents from Cheylesmore to bid for funds from the remaining 106 Section (Asda) money.

We want to make sure that the community gets the maximum benefit by getting as many representatives from the community to help in planning the process. A planning meeting is going to be held on: Thursday, May 21st from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, at Cheylesmore Community Centre.

The planning session will cover areas such as agreeing the criteria for bid submissions – upper and lower limits, if groups can submit multiple bids, if there will be an age restriction on bidders, how successful projects will be monitored etc. All these details will be agreed by the Planning Group that is why we want the Planning Group to be as inclusive as possible.

There have already been a couple of meetings but it’s not too late to get involved. If you want to find out more of the background and also more information on what is Participatory Budgeting then come along to the Community Centre from 5.30pm on May 21st and Susan Ritchie from Mutual Gain will be there to answer any questions in advance of the Planning Meeting at 6.30pm.

We want this event to be as successful as possible and this can only happen if we get as many representatives of the community involved. If you are able to attend please contact Kristi Larsen, Insight, Coventry City Council on 02476831282 or

Distraction Theft

Dear Resident,

We’re asking members of public to be vigilant to distraction thefts after reports of mobile phones being stolen across the city.

Opportunist thieves are approaching people while they’re sat down drinking or eating and trying to sell them cards or ask for directions. We believe this is merely a distraction technique, and the offenders are placing cards on top of mobile phones left on tables − then when the unsuspecting owner refuses to buy a card the offender removes them along with the phone.

This is just one technique we believe these callous thieves are using to take advantage of unsuspecting people. In the past we’ve also seen examples where someone has placed a large map on a table pretending to be lost and asking for directions as another distraction tactic.

Where possible we advise people to keep their phone and other valuables out of sight in public areas. If you are approached by someone behaving in a manner that you feel is in an attempt to distract you, please alert staff and contact us.

Thank you


Coventry Police

106 ASDA Money

Dear Friends,Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the recent Ward Forum.

The decision about how the 106 ASDA money will be allocated will be great swayed by the amount of public support. We would therefore be delighted if you, as Centre Users, would email to recommend that a portion of the 106 ASDA money be allocated to Cheylesmore Community Centre for the work on the new main entrance. We believe that this is a vital part of making Cheylesmore Community Centre the best it can be for its Users.

Many thanks,

Cheylesmore Community Association.

Scam Alert

Coventry Consumer Network









Coventry Consumer Network – Scam Alert – 28th May

PayPal email warning – 28 May 2014

Residents should be aware of scam emails claiming to be from PayPal saying you

have received funds to your PayPal account. The email may be headed: ‘You’ve

Received New Funds!’

The email is not from PayPal and the links in the text, if clicked, take you to a fake

version of the PayPal website where scammers would attempt to steal personal &

financial information.

PayPal advise the following:

• Genuine emails from PayPal will always address you by first and last names

or business name, never a generic greeting like ‘Dear PayPal user’

• Genuine emails from PayPal will never ask you to enter your password

or financial information or send such information in an email. You should

only share information about your account once you have logged in to:

• Genuine emails from PayPal will never contain an attachment or ‘software

update’ to install on your computer

If you receive this email:

• Forward the entire email to: without altering the subject


• Delete the email from your email account


BT fraudulent phone calls – 28 May 2014

Coventry Trading Standards are warning that fraudsters are telephoning residents on

landlines pretending to be from BT. They claim your last bill has not been paid and

unless an immediate payment is made by credit or debit card your telephone line will

be disconnected immediately. They warn that if you do not pay now it will cost a lot

more to reconnect it.

BT have confirmed they may have to call you about a debt, but they will never

disconnect a phone line during the call.

Although this scam uses the BT name, fraudsters often adapt and could use any

other service provider to try to convince you.

Our advice: if you have any concerns, terminate the call and contact BT using a

number found on your last bill. You should never give out personal or banking details

over the phone.


Working from home offers – 28 May 2014

Leaflets have been distributed in the Holbrooks area offering opportunities to work

from home filling envelopes for an un-named mail order company.

No experience is needed but an upfront fee of £29.99 is required so that information

can be sent to you. There is a promise that this will be refunded after submitting work

to them.

Before considering taking up the offer follow the advice given on the Action Fraud

website; Action Fraud is the National Fraud Reporting Centre in the UK.


Payday loan brokers posing as credit unions online – 28 May 2014

According to an article published on Money Saving Expert, there is evidence to

suggest that some loan brokers are giving the impression that they are credit unions

in an attempt to attract customers.

Research carried out by an Actual Credit Union – Somerset Savings and Loans

– showed that some Internet search results for “credit unions” may bring up ads

for “credit union loans” which will not be a Credit Union. Instead it may take you to

a broker offering a payday loan with rates from 9.9% – 3,350%APR variable. Credit

Unions are not allowed to offer loans above 42.6%

Coventry City Council, like many other Councils, is seeking to support Credit

Unions to help ensure that they provide an effective and viable alternative to the so

called ‘pay day lenders.’

To find your local credit union visit or call the

Association of British Credit Unions (Abcul) on 0161 832 3694.


Safety recall – mattresses and chair bed sold at Lidl – 28 May 2014

Due to an unspecified potential safety concern, Lidl UK is recalling all stock of the

following items: ‘Guest Mattress’, ‘Meradiso Guest Mattress’ & ‘Meradiso Chair Beds’

from sale.

Anyone who has purchased the above should return it to a store for a full refund.

This affects all item numbers. Other ‘Meradiso’ products are not affected by this


Any customers with queries or concerns can contact Customer Services on 0870

444 1234.


National Scams Awareness Month – doorstep scams – 28 May 2014

‘Courier’ Scam – this involves a phone call from someone claiming to be from the

Police or the bank warning of fraudulent activities on your credit or debit card.

The caller asks for confirmation of sensitive personal information which may include

your PIN Number. They then arrange to collect your ‘compromised’ card from your

doorstep so that a replacement one can be issued.

The call is not from the Police or bank, it is from a fraudster who may now have all

the information they need to raid your account.

Another courier scam may involve expensive mobile phones which is delivered

by a legitimate delivery company but is immediately followed by a phone call from

someone claiming that the phone has been delivered to the wrong person, and

needs to be collected straight away.

Scammers will have picked a name and address at random using stolen or cloned

card details to place an order and arrange a delivery date and time.

The scammers hope to get away with a ‘free’ contract mobile phone.


Protect yourself against scammers:

• Be wary of accepting any goods not ordered. Report suspicious to the

company who sent it before handing it back to anyone claiming to be a


• Never agree to deal with cold callers offering home improvement type work as

this is a favoured approach used by Rogue Traders whose sole intention is to

extract as much money from their victims as possible.


Report scams to:

Citizens Advice consumer service: 08454 04 05 06 or

Action Fraud (UK’s National Fraud Office): 0300 123 2040 or

For more information on scams, visit: